Parent and Family University

    Welcome to Parent and Family University, created to celebrate and support you - the parent, guardian, family member of a St. John's University accepted student to the incoming Class of 2024! 

    Here you will find a multitude of virtual opportunities and chats to join St. John's faculty, administration, and students, which highlight key areas to assist with your future Johnnie's success and enrollment. 

    Please take a moment to look at the list of events listed below, and register for any or all of those which interest you and your family.

    We look forward to taking this journey with you, and hope to make it as seamless as possible.

    Check out the recordings from our past events:

    Piloting the Journey: Meet the President and Provost (May 5, 2024)
    Meet the Parents (May 8, 2024)
    There's No Place Like Home...Except Living on Campus (May 22, 2024)
    Scheduling Your Journey for Success (May 29, 2024)
    The Road to Career Success (June 5, 2024)

    Campus Engagement (June 12, 2024)
    Paying for College: Tips about Preparing Your Budget (June 26, 2024)