Ying (Cicely) Nie

    Ying Cicely Nie photo

    China & Asia

    Henan University, BA in English

    Years in Admissions

    Favorite Thing About St. John's
    As a metropolitan university, we benefit from New York City’s cultural diversity, its intellectual and artistic resources, and its unique professional educational opportunities.

    Advice You Give St. John's Applicants
    At St. John’s, our primary goal is to ensure the success of our students. I encourage you to learn more about the University’s excellent programs, our beautiful campuses, and our outstanding faculty, staff, and administrators.

    Favorite City in the World to Visit
    Interlaken and Wuxi, both are for their beautiful scenery.

    Favorite Vacation Spot
    Anywhere in the world that I have never been before.

    What do you like about the NY metro area
    NYC is such an amazing city that people can not only experience multi-cultures but also reach top university education of the world.

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