Danielle Marshall's Upcoming Schedule

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    Westchester County

    Elon University

    Years in Admissions

    Favorite Thing About St. John's
    The students! When you walk on campus you can feel the energy of our student body. You will always pass a group of students smiling and talking with one another- not just looking down at their phones! There hasn’t been one morning where I wasn’t greeted by a student, who I may have never met, saying hello.

    Advice You Give St. John's Applicants
    Nothing is impossible. Call us if you have a questions. Make an appointment over the phone or in person. Let’s take this journey together!

    Favorite City in the World to Visit
    Florence, Las Vegas & New Orleans

    Favorite Vacation Spot
    On the slopes in Vermont or on the beach in Aruba

    What do you like about living in the NY metro area?
    There is always something to do! An outdoor festival on the weekend, movies in the park on a Friday night, trivia Wednesdays… you will never get bored in New York!

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    Where will I be on the road this year?

    PLEASE NOTEIf you don't see your school listed here, I may still be visiting.  Talk to your College Counselor for more information.