Paul Mucciarone's Upcoming Schedule

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    Latin America

    Otterbein University

    Years in Admissions

    Favorite Thing About St. John's
    The diverse community: St. John’s University is a strong community of professors, staff, students and alumni – from New York and all over the world.

    Advice You Give St. John's Applicants
    Talk to our students! That is the best way to confirm that St. John’s will be a good fit. I love to connect applicants to our students for this reason.

    Favorite City in the World to Visit
    Bogota, Colombia – because that’s where I live!

    Favorite Vacation Spot
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Stockholm, Sweden

    What do you like about living in the NY metro area
    While I now live in Colombia, I had lived in New York for 10 years. I love the energy of the City. There are so many choices and opportunities in NYC. It’s quite a gratifying experience to make NYC your home.

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    Where will I be on the road this year?